A production process of many articles is very often ended by a surface treatment. At this level appears a problem how to select the suitable tool which will warrant an expected quality of the surface and the look which will satisfy customers.
For almost twenty years Trella & Nolte has been doing it’s best to help enterprises solving that problem, offering tools fitted especially to the production profile and an existing machinery.
Under the current name our company has been manufacturing since 1994. However, in the production line of abrasive and polishing tools we have been working since 1982.
Our production scope is very large and includes a wide range of abrasive and polishing tools used in all the places where the peculiarity of a product requires that.
Many years of practice and new technologies combined with the highest quality of raw materials enable us to make a product of the best quality, high efficiency, providing a repeatability of the treated surfaces.
On this web site we present only a general review of the tools most often produced by our company.
Everyone of them includes a short description: available dimensions and the most popular applications in order to help You choose the most appropriate tool.
The presented technical data does not exclude a possibility of producing any tool according to the individual needs resulting for example from the characteristic of the machinery.
As for current and potential customers we can guarantee short terms of delivery, punctuality in realisation of orders and flexible payment conditions.
With best regards,

General Director
Wlodzimierz Trella